Sigma Kappa



As an organization Sigma Kappa encourages our members to be involved in their campus and community. Because of this focus on involvement outside of Sigma Kappa, our sisters are able to engage with the campus and community in ways that are important to them by hosting and participating in a number of different events.

Our chapter holds many events that are chapter specific as well as campus-wide. These events are a way for us to share our values and sisterhood with other members of the Babson community. Some of our favorite events are listed below!

Semiformal and Formal

Each semester, we hold a dance for the members of our chapter. In the fall, we have a Semiformal dance in our restaurant, Roger’s Pub, on Babson Campus. Our formal event is held in the spring off campus. These are an opportunity for sisters to bring a date and have a great time.

LinkedIn Events

One of our favorite scholarship events this past year was our LinkedIn Workshop. At this event, sisters were able to take professional headshots and learn more about how to update their LinkedIn pages. So Babson!

Scholarship Soiree

Each semester, we hold a scholarship event called the Scholarship Soiree. We have hosted a Professor Panel with female faculty from Babson. Sisters will be able to learn more about their careers and experiences. We also give out scholarship superlatives and awards.

Sisterhood Retreat

Our sisters’ favorite event is our Sisterhood retreat! This is a night filled with bonding, games, and snacks. It is a fun way to get to know one another better.

Candlelight Reflection

The Candlelight Reflection is a special Sigma event. Sisters are able to reflect upon themselves and their experiences together in a private, closed evening.