Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Lilly Rubeck


Year: 2019 Concentration: Accounting & Legal Studies Hometown: Easthampton, MA Favorite Food: peanut butter, cheesy bread

Shriya Rathi

Executive Vice President

Year: 2019 Concentration: Marketing & IT Management Hometown: Brookline, MA Favorite Food: Ben and Jerry's, pata, all sorts of carbs (BREAD!!!)

Ruchika Raju

Vice President of Communication

Year: 2020 Hometown: Bangalore, India Favorite Food: sushi, every fruit ever except guava, ice-cream sandwiches, swarm rolls, LU chocolate biscuits, deep fried oreos

Lizbeth Ledesma

Vice President of Programming

Year: 2020 Hometown: Lennox, CA Favorite Food: spicy food

Michaela Mulvaney

Vice President of New Member Education

Year: 2019 Concentration: Marketing & Retail Supply Chain Management Hometown: Abington, MA Favorite Food: Sautéed Peppers and Onions, Dark Chocolate

Caroline Litra

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

Year: 2020 Hometown: Braintree, MA Favorite Food: chocolate and pierogis

Meghan Fuentes

Vice President of Membership

Year: 2019 Concentration: Finance & Statistical Modeling Hometown: Watchung, NJ Favorite Food: dumplings, oysters, takis

Katie Doran

Vice President of Finance

Year: 2019 Concentration: Accounting & Quantitative Methods Hometown: Newton, MA Favorite Food: french fries, dark chocolate

Jenny Lin

Vice President of Scholarship

Year: 2020 Hometown: Dracut, MA Favorite Food: sushi, gummies, noodles

Joni Grommesh

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Year: 2020 Hometown: Houston, TX Favorite Food: french fries, sushi, coffee, mashed potatoes, hot chocolate, kit kats, popcorn, tex-mex

Jordan Mailly

Panhellenic Delegate

Year: 2021 Hometown: Glastonbury, CT Favorite Food: lactose intolerant, and I don't eat a lot of meat but i DO love seafood

Medha Kohle

Continuous Membership Chair

Shaleen Sheth

Activities Chair

Simriti Belani


Elizabeth Tangney

Sisterhood Chair

Mikayla Spears

Ritual Chair

Devyn Wilson

House Manager

Kathleen Yorio

Social Chair

Julia Lu

Triangle Correspondent

Tyra Wang

Public Relations Chair

Maia Rippe


Celine Nie

Health and Wellness Chair